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There comes a time when time trialists, stage racers, and triathletes all find themselves searching for the perfect wheel.  One that is light, aerodynamic, and just plain fast.  And they all take a look at the Zipp range of wheelsets expecting to find their dream wheel – and they aren’t often disappointed. Sure, everyone equates disc wheels with the super fast, super tough and lonely world of against the clock racing.  But a disc is just for the back – you still need a front wheel – and that’s the wheel that cuts the air first so you don’t want to get it wrong.  And of course, if you are faced with a hilly course or strong cross winds, a disc can be a liability. So what’s the solution?


Enter the Zipp 808 / 1080 wheel combination. This super deep section rear wheel – 1080mm, hence the name – gives you just about as much aerodynamic effect as a full disc in the rear, and with the 808 on the front you won’t get thrown around in a cross wind. The deep section 808 front slices through still air, and Zipp’s trademark toriodal shape and surface dimpling gets the air flowing over the wheel surface and along the rear wheel for – and this is the really amazing part – negative drag. That’s right, these wheels actually turn the wind to your advantage and push you along. Seriously, if you’re against the clock, what more could you want?

The Zipp 1080 is the deeper, faster cousin of the trusted Zipp 808 wheelset, and it’s possible that the Zipp 808 / 1080 combination wheelset is one of the fastest non-disc combination available. It’s no wonder it’s the choice of Fabian Cancellara. Zipp claims that the 1080s take 30 seconds off a tri-spoke wheelset over 40 kilometers, with no additional wobble in side winds.


Once a wheel gets this light and this fast, questions always come up about strength. Zipp uses a ‘carbon bridge’ technology to give the wheels some impact resistance. Of course, the Zipp 808 and 1080, like all of Zipps super-deep section and disc wheels, is not designed for the rigors of winter riding, potholes, and rough group rides - they make you race fast! But, major impacts aside, these wheels are remarkably strong.

Super deep section wheels can be difficult to maintain. Thankfully, Zipp have added external spoke nipples – not the annoying recessed kind found on most aero wheels – to make spoke replacement and wheel truing convenient.

The Zipp 808 / 1080 combination will help you go fast, give you better reward for your efforts and let you enjoy race day knowing you are getting the most out of your ride!

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