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A pro-level time trial and triathlon helmet, the Giro Selector Time Trial Helmet is the most aero helmet that Giro make, allowing you to slice through the wind, saving valuable watts and ultimately seconds off your time.

The Selector is constructed using Giro's In-Mould process that fuses the impact absorbing EPS foam liner to the protective polycarbonate shell which allows for a lightweight yet strong design. Further strength is added to the structure through a Thermoformed SL Roll Cage, which improves integrity in the event of a crash.

The Aerodynamic shape of the Selector can be customised to your specific anatomy and riding position through the use of two different tails; 45 mm (tall tail) and 10 mm (shallow tail). The tall tail is for riders who have a more compact or hunched position, and the shallow tail better suits the rider with a flatter back.

Ventilation is not completely overlooked on the Selector, there is a vented eye-shield with internal channels and rear exhaust ports that will provide some cooling to your head whilst you're pushing yourself to the limit. However, any form of ventilation will affect aero performance so cooling is only kept to a bare minimum, so as to fully maximise the Selector's aerodynamic capabilities.

The Giro Selector is available in Black, White/Silver, Red/Black, and Blue/Black. In SuperFit sizes S/M (51cm-57cm) and M/L (55-61cm).

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